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Device to load steel tubes and beams inside a container

Our tube lifting bar Speedy-Box is made to load tubes and beams with length up to 12 meters inside a container.

Venturini Service Srl

experience and expertise at your service

Venturini Service srl has an experience of over forty years in the business of the construction and maintenance of overhead, gantry, jib, nautical cranes as well as other lifting equipment.
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carroponte Venturini Service srl

Maintenance and installation of overhead and lifting equipment

Offriamo offer a service of assistance, testing and maintenance which insures over the time the full efficiency and safety of your equipment.

Our lifting equipment

Our products are the result of an accurate design and an experience which comes from over forty years of work in this branch. Our technical office is at the disposal of the customer for the design of cranes and to satisfy any requirement.

Jib Crane

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Bilancini di sollevamento carica container all'esterno

Support with crossbar

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Boat Cranes, Lifting Accessories and much more...

Do you need maintenance for your overhead crane?

Contact us! Our technical office is at the disposal of the customer for any kind of technical information or quote.

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