Boat Cranes

All the below described models can be built with different measures, according to the needs of the customer. On request we can design and build also cranes with higher capacities.

Model BNC TON 5: Pillar height from 5 to 8 meters, arm length from 4 to 8 meters, without counterweight

Models BNC TON 10, TON 15, TON 20, TON 25, TON 30: Pillar height from 6 to 14 meters, arm length from 5 to 12 meters, with counterweight



Arm turning: over 360° with internal rotation gear. Epicyclic gear and movemnt controlled by electronic inverter

Lifting: carriage with lifting hoist with steel cable and dual speed (4/1 m/min)

Carriage movement: electric with dual speed (5/10 m/min)

Crane control: serial radio control and hanging pushbutton panel for emergency service

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Gru Nautiche Venturini Service Verona
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