Lifting bar to load steel tubes inside a container - Speedy-Box

Our tube lifting bar Speedy-Box is made to load tubes and beams with length up to 12 meters inside a container. It includes a counterweight to balance the entire structure.


  • the loading procedure can take place either with the container on a loading platform or placed outside;
  • it can load closed (open side) containers or containers without roof (open top) which can be placed either inside or outside of the workshop;
  • the operators work safely: the crane operator moves the overhead crane forward and a worker helps to insert the tubes or beams in the container;



  • Built out of steel tube, with counterweight
  • Length of the device: 10 m
  • Internal height: 2 m
  • Total own weight: 6500 kg -The crane must have a capacity of minimum 10 tons.
  • Including 2 upper cables to fix it to the hook of the crane.
  • Including support stand to park the device when not in use.
bilancino carica tubi 12 metri
bilancino carica container per travi
bilancino carica travi container

Technical Data Sheet

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